Tattoo Studio in Cheshire - Cheshire Ink Wilmslow

What's up its ya boy! BOOG AKA BOOGSTAR AKA BOOG DENIRO! Welcome to Cheshire Ink!

Thank you for taking the time to peep my flavour! For those that dont know me or what I do, I design tattoos for heavy hitters around the globe! I have a style that you feel and can relate to! My work is inspired by what goes down in the streets, real life, and the every day struggle and hustle and grind that we go through to get it. My style may not be for you! Thats ok, there are many different tattoo artists working at Cheshire Ink for you to choose from.

I don't tattoo for a living I tattoo for the love of it!
No Hollywood here! No glitz and glamour! Just real deal raw street art. I tattoo all walks of life from celebs to sports personalities, heavy hitters of all kinds! You dont have to be famous! But you got to be doing something cause I'm not cheap! If I'm too expensive for you sorry! But tattoos are a luxury not a necessity. You don't need a Boog Tat. But if you want one it's up to you to grind to get it!