Tattoo Studio in Cheshire - Cheshire Ink Wilmslow

Rusty Ranks is a veteran mc, from back in the day in the late 80s early 90s, bussing up nuff dance's, live stage shows and carnival’s across the uk, with friends and other artist for the love of music.

As a few years went by Rusty was moving towards making records etc. then we came out with a crew called The Dominant Force, creating tunes and videos.

This hit the underground circuit BIG TIME, before we knew it! We were performing on stage with the like's of Naughty by Nature, Kool G Rap and DJ Polo most UK rap crew..... Remember Cookie Crew, Catch twenty-two, Omar, Sun of Noise, Blade, London Posse, Gun Shot and many different Artists running tings back then.

Thought the 90's Dominant Force began a major blast on the UK hip hop circuit, Europe and many other territory's around the world.